Living like it’s 1995: Madrid and the beginnings of the cell phone chronicles of fille pompette


Got empadronado today which means I’m on the grid (so no more peeing in the street and pretending I don’t speak Spanish) ! Also as I’ve been harping on to my friends for the past 3 weeks now, my laptop is broken which is just about the fucking tragedy of the century,  so I’ve been effectively unable to post anything of substance because my phone’s LG keyboard is a joke.

Most people back home (and in general) keep asking me if I’m “okay”, how I’m doing “out there”, with emoticons full of concern and weak encouragement. That’s likely based on the cryptic and sour one – liners that keep showing up on my various social media (one line is all I have the patience for on this damn keyboard , but I’m currently waiting for my hair to dry you lucky darlings ).


On the one hand I really love Madrid, it grows on me more and more everyday. Maybe it’s not that impressive of a place for a tourist; the monuments are relatively few and unless you like salted meats, the food may not be able to compete with other major Spanish cities. But the vie quotidien, the art and music, the people, the shops, cafés and bars are phenomenal.


On the other hand my homesickness has been off the charts for the past month, which is a new phenomenon for me, and is likely due to my slash and burn SF love life and a personality clash with many Spanish men my age (at least the ones on Tinder). And I still haven’t managed to get in sync with siesta, which is crucial to the Spanish way of life. Currently doing all of the late hours and none of the catch-up.

But I’m optimistic. The teaching thing is going swimmingly, the kids are adorable and somewhat engaged, and I’ve made a solid lady crew this side of the Atlantic (the she – wolf pack is ever – growing). And my Spanish isn’t getting any WORSE , so that’s something to cling to (I have managed to open a bank account, empadronar myself, and kick 3 separate wandering basque guys out of my room during a raging house party, all in Spanish!)image

Ok, I am missing at least one full night of sleep due to said house party so I’m hitting the hay. Because this is all on my phone I have no idea how this is all going format-wise, nor have I cared to proofread, and for that I am a little bit sorry.

Love each and every one of you xx